Meet the committee. This year we are making an effort to put faces to the ISAA committee. To make us more then just the faceless committee that maintains the Inter-Varsities League. 


There is often a worry as to where can you get important ISAA documents, such as the constitution, rulebook or any all important forms. It has now been made easier then ever, just click here and you will easily be able to find all the documents you could ever need. 

IVs Results

Here is the top results of the IVs league. Click here for all the results

Results are updated within 1 week of the latest IVs. 

Top Results 2017-2018

ArcherCollegeDKITDCUULGMITNUIGTotalLeague ScoreCategory
James McEvoyUCD461443904461RBM
Karolina RozhnovaUCD421415836421RBF
Keet Wei JianDKIT476509985509RIM
Emma DalyUCC4780478478RIF
Fiachra MacDermottDCU5615711132571RAM
Róisín MooneyNUIG5375221059537RAF
Michael HigginsNUIG399440839440BBM
Emma CondonUCD299403702403BBF
Domagoj KosUCD402453855453BAM
Niamh MeylerNUIG323400723400BAF
Daniel FoleyDIT5735701143573CM
Shannon Russell CowanUCD5070507507CF